The idea to start JoinIn…………….

The idea to start JoinIn………………….

At a meeting in Ghana in March, members of the Sunyani Youth and Development Centre (SYDYA) and the two initiatives Black&White in Ghana and Germany decided to propose the establishment of JoinIn to other organisations; JoinIn should be a platform of and for initiatives and networks working at different levels, because: Changes at local, national, continental and global levels are in our globalised world needed to achieve decent living for all.

The Self-Conception of JoinIn

We are committed to shaping a world with humane living conditions for all, a world in which no one has to flee anymore. We encourage all those who stand for this goal to join together regionally, nationally, continentally and globally to form citizen networks for the implementation of these goals. We want to create the political will to want to survive as humanity and to ensure that everyone worldwide can live well. And we believe that networks of people with this will are necessary to develop concrete measures to turn this will into action. We ourselves start networking under the name JoinIn (MachMit) and hope that others will work with us. 

Our goals are not dreamy. The states have already adopted these goals in the UN Charter 1945 and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948; in Germany these goals are laid down in the Contitution, (Grundgesetz) as basic principles for German politics! These agreements on the shaping of peaceful, just and solidary international politics were the lessons of the multiple crisis in the middle of the last century, the world war, dictatorships and the world economic crisis, carried by the will never to have to experience such a thing again.

Since it is important to us that people come together for a common commitment, we hope that local and regional JoinIn groups will form over time and that JoinIn groups such as JoinIn for peace or JoinIn for social perspectives, among others, will develop in terms of content.

If you want to join or get more information or want to create the network with us:

Tel: 0049-5655-924981

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