The British Alliance: Stop the War and organizes protest events: “Do not attack Iran” and warns: “The danger of war with Iran is growing ever greater. While everyone claims that they don’t want war, events make them more likely. Today, the Persian Gulf is the scene of an increased military presence of the USA and Great Britain. The Middle East has seen bloody wars throughout the region over the last two decades, and it is full of weapons. We have seen the terrible consequences of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen. They did nothing to bring peace or stop terrorism. Instead, they have made the world more dangerous. The war with Iran would be even greater than that, with devastating consequences. Strategy meeting in London: How can a grassroots movement be created in the face of world disorder that can prevent further wars?

Don’t Attack Iran – Meetings Nationwide
The threat of war with Iran is growing all the time. The main reason for this is the actions of Donald Trump and the US administration.

Last year Trump tore up the nuclear deal with Iran agreed internationally in 2015 and resulting in less likelihood of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East. He also imposed sanctions which have been tightened in recent months, leading to worsening conditions economically, and shortages of essentials such as medicine for the Iranian people.

The Persian Gulf is now the scene of increased military presence by the US and Britain. While everyone claims they do not want war, events are making it more likely.

The Middle East has seen bloody wars across the region in the last two decades, and it is awash with arms. Israel, the only nuclear power in the Middle East, and Saudi Arabia are the two main allies of the US and are strongly pushing for action against Iran.  

Britain under Boris Johnson will do nothing to oppose Trump and will follow his path towards war – unless we stop him.

We have seen the appalling consequences of wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen. They have done nothing to bring peace or stop terrorism. Instead they have made the world more dangerous. War with Iran would be on an even larger scale than these, with devastating consequences.

Stop the War is campaigning against any attack on Iran. Join the campaign and get along to a meeting near you soon:

08 Aug | Birmingham | Oppose UK/US Intervention in the Middle East

15 Aug | Liverpool | Don’t Attack Iran

16 Aug | Oxford | Don’t Attack Iran (Momentum Meeting)

17 Aug | Warrington | Don’t Attack Iran

03 Sept | Bristol | Don’t Attack Iran

03 Sept | Redbridge | Don’t Attack Iran

07 Sept | Central London | Don’t Attack Iran

09 Sept | Brent | Don’t Attack Iran

10 Sept | Derby | Don’t Attack Iran

10 Sept | Norwich | Don’t Attack Iran

21 Sept | Waltham Forest | Don’t Attack Iran

24 Sept | Brighton | The New World Disorder: Trump, Iran & the Threat of War (Labour Party Conference Fringe Meeting)

28 Sept | Manchester | Don’t Attack Iran
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Stop the War AGM
 Registration: 09:30-10:30 // Conference: 10:30-17:00
Bloomsbury Baptist Church

235 Shaftesbury Ave
Book Your Place Here!

 Join Stop the War along with experts and activists from the anti-war movement to discuss the next steps in our campaigning.

New World Disorder will be a chance for members and delegates to assess the risks of war, have their say on Stop the War’s strategy, and put forward ideas on how to build the movement in the universities, amongst activists and the left and in local communities.  

As the prospect of conflict with Iran mounts, we will discuss how best to resist the drift towards a new war which would bring untold destruction to the Middle East.

The conference will also be a crucial launchpad for protests and a countersummit when NATO comes to London in December. The NATO summit will see western leaders discussing plans for expansion, preparation for a possible new war in the Middle East, potential conflict with China and the new cyber arms race. It will also bring President Trump back onto British soil.
 Local groups which have paid their annual affiliation can send four delegates, while paid up affiliated groups are entitled to two. All members can attend with full voting rights.

Each group can submit one resolution. The deadline for resolutions is Friday 30 August.

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